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Koi Fish require the finest filtration to live a healthy life. Do not be fooled by sub-standard pond installation that do not purify the koi pond to the highest standard. At Suburban Watergardens and Suburban Koi we do it right.

The video is a complete overview of Koi ponds and Koi fish.

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We specialize in high quality Koi. We are importers of high quality Japanese Koi. Carrying a large selection of Koi including the most popular varieties Showa, Sanke, Kohaku and even GinRin and Butterfly Koi. Come see our large selection of Japanese Koi Offered in a large size range and at reasonable prices.

Video Segments:

Although the entire video contains great content, we realize that you might have an immediate question that a video segment may help with immediately. Here is the breakdown of the full Koi fish video.

Part 1 -Introduction to Koi Ponds
Part 2 – Setting up a Koi pond
Part 3 – Koi Pond Basics
Part 4 – Multi-part Biological Filtration
Part 5 - Using air stones in a Koi pond
Part 6 – Choosing Koi fish
Part 8 - Goldfish Ponds
Part 9 – Feeding Koi fish
Part 10 – Fish Health
Part 11 – Choosing Boulders for a Koi Pond
Part 12 – About Suburban Watergardens
Part 13 - In Closing

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